Privacy Policy

Welcome to our site. Please read this privacy policy as well as terms and conditions elsewhere on this site before you proceed with use of this site. Please rest assured that we are quite concerned about safety and security of your personal data and have taken all measures to keep it thoroughly safeguarded.

Personal data refers to name, address, phone number and email address. It can also include your bank account details should you be required to furnish it for any transactions. We do not ask for any personal details beyond these. All this personal data is kept secured and safeguarded behind three layers of security. You may be required this personal information when you register on this website in order to use our services.


  • We do not sell or make commercial use of your personal data. We use it only for legitimate purpose of communications, transactions and to send you offers as well as updates from time to time.
  • We do not share data with anyone except with our associates for advertising and with service providers like banks and couriers as the case may be. We only disclose data in the event we are required to do so by law and then you get intimation in advance of such an event.
  • You can log in and modify your personal details at any time. If you want your personal data and account to be removed please send an email from your registered email address and we will wipe data from our server.

We take all due care and precautions to ensure safety of private data but our systems may be attacked and hacked and this may result in loss of private data for which we shall not be responsible. Our site may be acquired by new owners who may then put in a different privacy policy in place and we cannot guarantee as to what their terms will be.


Our site may place cookies on your computer. Cookies are harmless and simply track your use pattern on our website in order to personalize content delivery. They do not access any data on your computer but if you are still uncomfortable you can disable cookies in your browser at the risk of reduced functionality.


Our site may contain links to third parties. We are not affiliated or linked with any such sites and we do not endorse them in any way whatsoever. Should you choose to click through to these sites it is your sole responsibility and you will be bound by their terms and privacy policies.


How you interact with other website users is your concern. We recommend not sharing user names and passwords or personal data.


We reserve the right to amend, alter, delete or modify any of the terms or add to them if so thought fit. Please check first and then use website.